A Fluoride Treatment Fortifies Tooth Enamel

Your tooth enamel gets its strength from dense microscopic mineral crystals. Each day, the natural bacteria in your mouth, as well as the acidic foods and drinks you consume, can degrade the mineral integrity of your tooth enamel. This creates microscopic surfaces that bacteria can exploit to cause tooth decay. In time, it can even make microscopic channels through the tooth enamel, causing issues with tooth sensitivity.

Exposing your teeth to fluoride restores these microscopic minerals in a process that is known as remineralization.

If you’ve had issues with sensitivity and cavities from insufficient fluoride, be sure to let your dentist, Dr. Sohrab Saghezchi, know. Oftentimes, our Mill Valley Dental team will recommend administering a routine fluoride treatment. The procedure is quick and is generally performed at the end of your dental checkup.

Your dentist administers the fluoride treatment by pouring concentrated fluoride gel into trays that are held in your mouth for a few minutes. You should avoid eating or drinking to allow the fluoride to deeply penetrate into the enamel of your teeth.

If you have questions about dental fluoride treatment in Mill Valley, California, you can call Mill Valley Dental at 415-578-5879 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you!

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