Mill Valley Dental has served families with dentistry in Mill Valley, California, for over 35 years. We don’t push treatments just to earn money, but rather we strive to take care of our patients and do what is best for them. Dr. Sohrab Saghezchi and our team love to chat with patients as we give them personalized dental care, and they love our practice as you can see from the reviews below. To learn more about how our dental services can improve your smile, call our dentist today.

Had a very good experience with his practice. Great bedside manner and he does really good work with his fillings and cleanings. I started trusting dentists again after a couple of not-so-good experiences. It’s too bad he only takes patients now on Fridays in the city, it was hard for me to schedule appts. Every once in a blue moon there was also a snag with billing, but it was overall pretty easy to work with his front desk staff.

Elizabeth J.

Let me begin with the fact that I hate going to the dentist. I come from a long line of relatives who try to avoid seeing dentists on a regular basis so it’s in my blood. After trying several dentists in the city, all of who chastised me for not flossing regularly and who were abrasive and harsh in my cleaning sessions, thereby exacerbating my fear of dentists, enter Dr. Sohrab.

First, his reception staff is amazing. I can’t say enough about their thoroughness and professionalism – from helping me navigate my insurance to just making booking an appointment incredibly easy – they’ve been wonderful. And then there’s Dr. Sohrab. He has an incredible ‘bed-side’ manner and through small talk and careful explanations of what he’s doing and why while he works, he’s consistently able to temper my usual uneasiness when visiting the dentist. And he has a pretty awesome sense of humor to boot.

I’ve been going to Dr. Sohrab for the past couple of years now and I can honestly say I think he’s cured me of my fear of dentists. My teeth have never been happier.

Erica R.

o.k first off let me start by saying
i dont like dentist, and I am completely terrified of them.
i can see behind there perfect white teeth and pretty smile =).
I dont believe when they say ” it wont hurt” or “you’ll be fine”
” you need this” blah blah blah.
When i first came in to see dr saghezchi I was really nervous
he made me feel really calm .
And not by just saying ” stay calm” but by having a real conversation with me. He wasnt intense and he listened to ALL my concerns. And I mean ALL of my concerns. Dr saghezchi was just really comforting and respectful.
when i ask ” is this gonna hurt” he will say yes. Haha no not really but he will be honest with you. And will continue to ask you how u are feeling and if you need anything.
he is awesome and by far THE VERY BEST DENTIST i have ever had.
and i ve had a lot of dentist because i usually switch after the first visit.

LaNiesha P.

Dr. Sohrab is the best dentist in the city, hands down. Maybe I’m biased because he’s such a mellow and likeable guy, but I really feel that I’m in good hands with him. He uses state of the art technology, has an immaculate and modern office, and is extremely knowledgable about his field. In addition, Dr. Sohrab genuinetly wants you to have a positive experience when you’re there, which is great since nobody likes dentist visits! I should also note that he fitted me with a mouth guard (for night time grinding) and it’s the best-fitting one I’ve ever had (and I’ve tried many). I highly recommend Dr. Sohrab!

Feather B.

Dr. Sohrab was great! I should start by saying that I hate going to the dentist and am always weary about getting lectured about flossing or being recommended some costly procedure. But Dr. Sohrab takes the time to talk to you – he’s really funny – and puts you at ease. He explains everything to you so you really feel like you understand what’s going on and can actually make an informed decision about your teeth.


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