Oral Health Tips and Tricks on Dental Crowns

If you wish to dramatically enhance your smile by covering or concealing some regular abnormal teeth, the most beneficial tooth restoration to consider is a dental crown. Dental crowns are designed to cover a tooth on all sides with a restoration that is extremely durable and can last anywhere from two decades up to a lifetime of heavy use.

If you’re worried about teeth that are extremely vulnerable or susceptible to tooth decay, a dental crown may prove to be effective. This is because dental crowns can provide an additional layer of protection for teeth to ensure that dental erosion or tooth decay will be minimized. Not only can dental crowns help protect teeth, but they can also improve the look of teeth as well.

Although a dental crown may need a repair or replacement from time to time, it may be possible for the crown to give you a lifetime of happiness and support. Their durability is well-known, and also extremely beneficial for protecting teeth and restorations in which implants, bridges, and root canals are present.

Restoring your smile with dental crown treatments can be extremely helpful for restorations for teeth so severely damaged that no other treatment options are effective, outside of a tooth extraction. Crowns are also used to bind together bits of broken teeth that otherwise would not be able to function at all. Crowns can even be used in situations where a dental filling is needed, but not enough of the natural tooth remains, in which case the crown can effectively hold the filling together.

Never get yourself down due to your poor oral hygiene without first visiting with us to discuss your dental crown restorations with Dr. Sohrab Saghezchi and the rest of our team at Mill Valley Dental, you can make an appointment at our dentist office in Mill Valley, California. To get in touch with our team, our phone number is 415-578-5879.

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